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Cheap clearance and disposal

We are happy to offer you simple and inexpensive disposal. We provide cleaning and disposal services in the entire Zurich Canton area.

When people move, they often realize that they need to get rid of some items and furniture. Or we’re left with large-size waste. Professional clean-up and disposal can save a lot of time and energy, and spare you some stress.

Whether you’re moving with us or not, we offer several additional package or individual services to help you out. If you have to get rid of single sofas, wardrobes, etc. or if you need a wholesale clear-out, we are happy to give you a hand. It doesn’t matter if the area to be cleaned is a single room or a whole villa. As a modern company, we will dispose of every item in a professional and environmentally friendly way.

In addition to items which are no longer needed or can be salvaged, we also provide professional disposal of documents which we shred ourselves first.

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