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Safe and professional piano transport with Menspower

Do you want a reliable moving company for your piano transport that will take your valuable piano from A to B quickly and professionally?

Menspower Umzüge GmbH staff know what is important when transporting a piano. Our trained personnel have the necessary skills, properly equipped vehicles and use all the necessary protective measures and precautions to ensure efficient and safe transport.

For many, a piano is much more than just a musical instrument. Some pianos have been in the family for generations and are highly treasured. They often come with fond memories and sentimental value.

The Menspower Umzüge GmbH team knows about the value of a piano. Whether you’re moving to a new house or want to relocate your instrument from A to B as a professional musician, we have what it takes to serve you.

We know what is important in fragile transports such as pianos and concerto grands. Of course, we always strive to provide the best solution that allows avoiding structural obstacles and is kind to your budget.

Special caution is required especially with large and bulky objects such as a piano. This is because sensitive instruments don’t work properly when they’ve suffered acoustic or optical damage. Our employees are aware of this and, thanks to their years of experience, piano transport will be stress-free, relaxing and right on time for you as a customer.

Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements together. Then, we will then work out and offer an individual solution for you.    

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