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Items which are a safety hazard to the personnel, the transported goods or vehicles, or otherwise unsuitable, will be excluded from transport. If loading or delivery is delayed due to a breakdown, accident, weather conditions or for whatever other reasons beyond the transport company’s control, the client cannot claim compensation. Swiss law applies exclusively. The service will be performed in Zurich. As an inexpensive removals company, we offer to relocate you smoothly and professionally. The rates can be further reduced thanks to good preparation and your own contribution to the process.

Transport hand-over:

We assume that every transport order can be completed under normal conditions, i.e. the main traffic routes, access roads and paths where the unloading will take place are kept clear for the transport vehicles. If the property has a front garden, ‘normal conditions’ mean a vehicle-to-entrance distance of no more than 15 metres. Staircases, stairwells, etc. should be kept clear to allow transports to pass smoothly. We also assume that the delivery can be completed as intended under the applicable laws. Otherwise, higher rates will be applied to reflect the extra costs. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the customer is obliged to provide regular packing supplies in a timely manner, pack and hand over the goods for transport, empty any cupboards and drawers, mark fragile items as such, book parking space for removals vans, and keep passageways clear at the site of loading/unloading.

Packing and unpacking / packing supplies:

Moving is smooth and damage-free if the customer labels and marks the boxes with fragile contents (this does not apply where the moving company is responsible for packing) (see Disclaimer). How do we clock time? Work time starts on arrival at the place of loading and ends at the place of unloading according to your instructions. Clock is off for lunch break, but the removals crew are entitled to take a 15-minute snack break each. The following services are not included in the price (unless otherwise listed in the transport order):

– Packing and unpacking


Compensation for major damage or total loss amounts to a maximum of CHF 500 per cubic meter, subject to sections 2 and 5. Parts of a cubic meter are added proportionally. The client’s deductible is CHF 0.00 in the event of a claim. The transport company is released from its liability if loss or damage was caused by the fault of the customer, an instruction given by the customer without the transport company acting on his part, material defects in the transported goods or other circumstances beyond the company’s control. In the event of breakage or damage to particularly costly items such as marble, glass and porcelain plates, piece frames, candlesticks, pianos, grand pianos, lampshades, radio and television sets, computers and other particularly sensitive items, the transport operator is released from his liability, provided that he has followed the usual precautionary measures. The client bears the deductible in the event of damage. Liability is excluded in the event of cash and other valuables. The transport company assumes no liability for valuables such as jewelry, documents, works of art, antiques and collectibles. The transport company assumes no liability for damage to the transported goods or to buildings where normal transport conditions are not available, or for the transport of objects through windows, over terraces or balconies. The carrier is not liable for damage caused by fire, accidents, acts of God or an accident caused by a third party, nor for the items mentioned in section 3. Without mutual agreement, the transport company is not liable for delays caused by the inadequate provision of means of transport or non-compliance with the regulatory time-limits by other transport companies involved in the transport, with the resulting costs (demurrage, warehousing, etc.) charged to the customer. The carrier is also not liable for damage and losses that may arise from such circumstances.


Payment (removal):

Payments in cash should be made to our team leader on completion of the order or within 10 days using a payment slip.

Payment (final cleaning):

Payments in cash should be made to our team leader following the acceptance of the apartment by the landlord or within 10 days using a payment slip. In the event of delays in payment, third parties can be commissioned to enforce payment or claims can be sold to third parties in Switzerland or abroad.

The customer will be charged CHF 30.- for each reminder. Also, the client is obliged to reimburse all costs incurred by the transport operator or third parties who carry out the collection due to the delay in payment. The usual default interest of 5% applies.


The order must be canceled in writing at least 7 days before the completion date. Otherwise, the transport company reserves the right to charge the customer for the handling costs of CHF 500.-. The transport company is not required to provide evidence of damage suffered within the meaning of Article 161 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.


Carrier liability insurance up to CHF 100,000 and business liability insurance up to CHF 5,000,000. The sum insured is included in the price above. Added value must be declared by the customer – carrier’s liability.

The transport company is liable for damage that can be proven to have been caused by gross negligence on the part of its staff. Liability for slight negligence is expressly excluded. The following provisions are reserved (see also the explanations under section Disclaimer).

The transport company is only liable for transported goods, the packaging of which corresponds to the normal transport requirements. Fragile objects, lamps, lampshades, plants and all small objects need suitable packaging. The liability of the transport company is limited to the costs of a possible repair, excluding any replacement and compensation for impairment. The transport company is only liable for the contents of boxes and other containers if they have been packed and unpacked by it or by its own employees. The liability of the transport company begins with the takeover of the goods to be transported and usually ends with their delivery to the domicile of the customer, storage in the warehouse or handover to another transport company. Complaints about loss or damage must be made immediately upon delivery of the goods and, moreover, confirmed with the transport company in writing within three days.
Damage that is not externally visible must also be reported to the transport company in writing within a period of 3 days. Any claims for damages must be made within 30 days of the damage being reported. After these time-limits, complaints can no longer be considered and claims for damages can no longer be made.



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