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You can rent or buy any removals equipment from us, such boxes or packing supplies. Send your inquiry to We will be happy to send you a quote.

Washing box

Rent: CHF 3.50 Buy: CHF 6.50

Clothing box

Rent: CHF 10.00 Buy: CHF 20.00

Silk wrappers

Buy: CHF 7.50 Not for rent

Boy for binders

Rent: CHF 2.50 Buy: CHF 4.50

Box for books

Rent: CHF 1.50 Buy: CHF 3.50

Bubble wrap

Buy: CHF 4.00 Not for rent

Crockery box with separator inserts

Rent: CHF 6.50 Buy: CHF 9.50

Adhesive tape

Buy: CHF 4.50 not for rent

Stretch foil

Buy: CHF 16.00 not for rent
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