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Furniture lifting for your house removal

Take advantage of furniture lifting services from Menspower Umzüge GmbH for a safe and efficient move!

Furniture lifting is often used for house and business removals or when delivering furniture to your office. Lifting makes sense especially if the goods or furniture is bulky and heavy or cannot be transported to the destination, because the stairwells are too tight and winding or because the doors are too narrow. Thanks to furniture lifting, your move will be swift and possibly cheaper.

Menspower Umzüge GmbH has a furniture lift ready for you. Get in touch with our office. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Not every location is suitable for setting up a furniture lift. The structural conditions are decisive, because a furniture lift requires a facade or a solid balcony railing to lean on. Recessed windows or ordinary balcony railings, such as those in loft apartments, often prove unsuitable. Sufficient space is also required to set up a furniture lift and there must be no obstacles (trees etc.) within the operating range of the furniture lift. Everything that fits through windows or balconies can be transported with furniture lifts. The furniture lift is placed at an angle to the window or balcony. A furniture lift can move 250 kg to 400 kg – all depends on the type of external elevator and floor as these determine the lifting angle.

Note that we cannot rent the furniture lift privately. It is only used for removals that are carried out by our specialist staff.        

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